Comfort and Affordability at Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kampala

June 22, 2023
Rwizi Arch Hotel

Experience the Best of Uganda: 

Discover Comfort and Affordability at Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kampala, Kansanga

Are you planning a trip to Uganda and looking for the perfect blend of comfort, affordability, and a memorable experience? Look no further than Rwizi Arch Hotels. Family-owned and operated for over 30 years, Rwizi Arch Hotels have been a trusted choice for travellers, expatriates, tourists, and backpackers seeking quality accommodations in Uganda. With a prime location in the heart of the Kansanga District in Kampala, Rwizi Arch Hotel offers a delightful stay that caters to local customers, international travellers, and the African diaspora.

The Charm of Uganda

Uganda, often hailed as the magnificent "Pearl of Africa," presents breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and a vibrant cultural tapestry. Whether you are an adventurous tourist, an explorer of Africa's enchanting allure, or a local seeking a swift escape, Uganda encompasses everything you desire.

Elephant running in national park Uganda

Discover Kampala's Hidden Gem: Kansanga District

When visiting Uganda, one of your first stops should be the bustling capital city of Kampala. Kampala, the vibrant capital city of Uganda, is a captivating destination that offers a blend of rich history, cultural heritage, and urban charm. Nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kampala boasts a dynamic atmosphere that appeals to travellers from around the globe. Visitors to this industrious metropolis can explore a range of attractions and experiences. 

The city's historical landmarks, such as the Kasubi Tombs and the Uganda Martyrs Shrine, offer insights into Uganda's past and cultural significance. The lively markets, including Nakasero Market and Owino Market, provide a sensory overload with their vibrant colours, aromatic spices, and lively atmosphere.

Kampala City

Rwizi Arch Hotel Kampala, located in the Kansanda district, is situated on Kiwafu Road and Mitala Road (Behind UK Mall on Ggaba Road) and offers an ideal base to explore the city's vibrant attractions and landmarks. Located near the city centre and the US Embassy, this hotel, in an upscale residential neighbourhood, provides convenient access to historical sites, local markets, and jumping nightlife.

Kampala district

Kansanga, a district in Kampala, Uganda, is a vibrant residential neighbourhood that offers an array of attractions and amenities for residents and visitors alike. Located in the heart of the Kansanga district, guests and long-stay tenants of Rwizi Arch Hotel have easy access to various charitable organizations, in addition to its nightlife, shopping, universities, vendor markets, financial services, and entertainment options. Here are some highlights of what Kansanga and its surroundings have to offer:

  • Nightlife: Kansanga and surrounding districts boast a vibrant nightlife scene with several bars, clubs, and lounges where you can enjoy music, dancing, and socializing.
  • Shopping: Kansanga and neighbouring areas provide an array of shopping options. The Kansanga Vendor Market and Kansanga Trading Centre on Ggaba Road is an enterprising hub where you can find fresh produce, clothing, hardware, crafts, and other goods. Additionally, there are supermarkets and boutiques nearby for everyday needs as well as large shopping Malls such as Arena Mall in Nysambya and UK Mall.
  • Universities: Kansanga is home to prominent universities and educational institutions. The International University of East Africa (IUEA) and Kampala International University (KIU) have campuses in the area, attracting students from both Uganda and abroad.
  • Local Markets: Apart from the Kansanga Vendor Market, there are other markets nearby worth exploring. Ggaba Market, located a short distance away, is known for its fish market and crafts section. Owino Market, one of the largest markets in Kampala, is also easily accessible from Kansanga.
  • Worship: While Kansanga is mainly a residential area, it features some notable landmarks such as Kansanga Miracle Centre Cathedral, a large church that holds religious services and events, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Kansanga, and the Uganda National Mosque (also known as Gaddafi National Mosque), the largest mosque in East Africa, an impressive Islamic architectural marvel that can accommodate 15,000 worshippers.
  • Entertainment: Kansanga offers various entertainment options for leisure and recreation. Arena Mall, a short 7-minute drive from Kansanga, features a Cinemax movie theatre and a Carrefour supermarket. This provides residents and visitors with convenient shopping and entertainment options.
  • Charitable Organizations: In close proximity to the Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kansanga, there are several charitable organizations that make a positive impact on the community. These include organizations focusing on education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and social welfare. Some notable examples in the area include GOAL Uganda and Mercy Corp. These organizations work diligently to support vulnerable populations and contribute to the betterment of society in Uganda.
  • Banks: There are numerous financial institutions in Kansanga to help you handle any financial needs regarding ATM withdrawals, currency exchanges, bank transfers and access to international intermediaries. In close proximity to the hotel are DFCU Bank, Absa Bank, Centenary Bank, and Stanbic Bank.  

Kansanga is also home to various ethnicities, communities, and religious groups. These diverse communities, including the Sundanese, Somali and Ethiopian populations, as well as the presence of Muslim, Catholic, and Christian groups, contribute to the rich cultural fabric and religious pluralism of Kansanga. The coexistence and interactions among these communities further enhance the diversity and multicultural character of the neighbourhood.

Uganda Cultural ceremony

Diverse Culture

The Baganda ethnic group is one of the largest in Uganda and has a significant presence in Kansanga. They are known for their rich cultural heritage, traditional music, food and dance. The Banyankole ethnic group, also known as the Ankole, has a notable presence in Kansanga. They are known for their distinctive long-horned Ankole cattle and have a rich cultural heritage, including traditional dances and rituals. Kansanga is also home to people from various other ethnic groups in Uganda, such as the Acholi, Langi, Iteso, Bagisu, and many more. Each group contributes to the vibrant cultural tapestry of the area.

Uganda is globally known for its welcoming refugee policy, and Kansanga is no exception. The neighbourhood has refugee communities from neighbouring countries such as South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and Ethiopia. These communities bring their unique cultures, languages, and traditions to the area, adding to its diversity and unique vibrancy.

Kansanga's proximity to universities and educational institutions attracts students and professionals from different countries. These international communities contribute to the multicultural fabric of the area, with individuals from countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Nigeria, India, China, and more.

Faith-Based Communities

Religion holds great importance in the lives of many Ugandans. The Pew Research Center's 2012 Global Religious Landscape report states that approximately 86.7% of Uganda's population identifies as Christian. The dominant Christian groups in the country are Roman Catholicism and various Protestant denominations, including Anglican, Pentecostal, and Baptist churches. Islam is the second-largest religion in Uganda, constituting about 11.5% of the population, with Muslims predominantly residing in the eastern and northern regions. 

Kansanga is home to a significant Muslim population, with multiple Mosques on Ggaba Road providing places of worship and cultural gatherings for the growing Muslim community. The Catholic Church also plays a prominent role in the area, with the presence of Catholic parishes, covenants and institutions with a long history of community service in the area. Kansanga also has a diverse Christian population, encompassing various denominations such as Anglican, Protestant and Pentecostal. Traditional indigenous religions also have a presence among some within the community.

The Ugandan Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and belief, and the country has a rich history of religious diversity and coexistence. Places of worship, including churches, mosques, and temples, can be found throughout the country, showcasing the strong religious fabric of Ugandan society.


Kansanga, Uganda, is a neighborhood that attracts a diverse expatriate community from various countries, creating a multicultural environment. The area's proximity to universities, international organizations, and business opportunities makes it an appealing destination for expats from around the world. 

Expatriates in Kansanga can be found from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, China, India, Kenya, Rwanda, and many others. They come to Kansanga for reasons such as academic pursuits, employment opportunities, research projects, or humanitarian work. 

The expat community in Kansanga contributes to the cultural richness of the area by bringing together unique perspectives, languages, traditions, and cuisines. Many open up businesses that serve the community, often engaging in social causes and developing professional networks and connections with both the local community and fellow expatriates. The presence of the expat community adds to the cosmopolitan character of Kansanga and provides opportunities for cultural exchange and appreciation.

The diverse ethnicities, communities, expatriates, and refugee populations in Kansanga create a vibrant and inclusive environment, fostering understanding and diversity.

A Legacy of Experience

Rwizi Arch Hotels have a proud history spanning over 30 years. As a family-owned and operated establishment, the owners have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry. With their lived experiences in Kenya, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, and Canada, they bring a global perspective to ensure guests' satisfaction and comfort.

Rwizi Arch Hotel double room

Unbeatable Affordability

At Rwizi Arch Hotels, affordability is a top priority. Whether you're a budget-conscious traveller or a local customer looking for a wallet-friendly option, our hotels offer competitive rates without compromising on comfort and quality. Experience the warmth of Ugandan hospitality while enjoying well-appointed rooms, modern amenities, and exceptional service, all at an affordable price.

Preferred Choice for NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations

Rwizi Arch Hotels have become a preferred choice for long-term stays by non-profit organizations and international NGOs. The hotels' commitment to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment makes them an ideal choice for those working on humanitarian missions or participating in development projects across Uganda.

When it comes to finding the perfect blend of comfort, affordability, and an unforgettable experience in Uganda, look no further than Rwizi Arch Hotels. With its prime location in the Kampala suburb, Kansanga, the family-owned and operated hotel, brings decades of expertise to ensure a memorable stay. 

Immerse yourself in Uganda's natural beauty, explore the vibrant city, and create lasting memories while enjoying the warmth of Rwizi Arch Hotels' hospitality. Book your stay today and embark on a remarkable journey through the heart of Uganda.

Rwizi Arch Hotel double room

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on our contact us page. 

For information about staying safe in Uganda, please read our latest article, “Is Uganda Safe?

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